Autism reflects a typical stage in development: the pre-conceptual stage. ReAttach activates individuals who are clinically diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders to re-enter the next stage in development: the conceptual stage.

"I believe that it is very strange to diagnose a typical stage in development as a disorder. There is a lot of overlapping symptomatology between Autism Aspects and other clinical presentations in clinical neuropsychiatry. All psychiatric diagnoses are representations of symptomatology networks.

Aspects of autism – treatment of overlapping symptomatology from a network perspective in clinical neuropsychiatry is meant to change our biases about these fixed developmental disorders into more realistic, more equal developmental stages. We all walk our own developmental pathway. Some of us can use ReAttach to help them to re-enter the next stage in personal development. That is what ReAttach is meant to do: to help you to develop yourself. Paula Weerkamp-Bartholomeus"