What Is ReAttach?

ReAttach is a therapeutic intervention that has been conceived, developed and pioneered by Drs Paula Weerkamp over the past 10 year from a dynamic special educational perspective. Drs Weerkamp pioneered a tailor-made method that helps people overcome the developmental arrest in autism, a method which equally applies to the whole array of trans-diagnostic symptomatology networks across neuropsychiatric presentations, and can therefore be adjusted to treat most emotional, psychological, developmental, behavioral or physical challenges (neuro-rehabilitation / top-sports).

How Does ReAttach Work?

ReAttach Therapy basically consists of 6 main therapeutic components, which can be adjusted to a multitude of trans-diagnostic clinical presentations. In brief these are:

    1. Proactive Arousal and Oxytocin regulation via sequenced tactile, auditive and visual stimulation of the PNS and CNS

    2. Joint Attention: Creating optimal learning conditions

    3. Multiple Sensory Processing

    4. Social Cognitive Training of Coherent Concepts of Self, Significant Others, Affective Mentalisation and Relational Concepts

    5. Improving connectivity within the default mode network (DMN) by demand of associative memory processing

    6. Cognitive Bias Modification: optimising attachment and mentalisation capacity, processing and differentiating problematic schemata and concepts, adding new experiences and skills

What Does The Evidence Say?

Practice Based Evidence was measured with different instruments for adults (Young Schema Questionnaire YSQ3), children (Children Behavior Checklist) and individuals with ASD (Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist). First research papers were published at Clinical Neuropsychiatry and presented at International Conferences in the field of Mental Health, Brain Injury and Autism. Paper I: “ReAttach a new schema therapy for adults?” was rewarded with the Clinical Neuropsychiatry Award.

Recently the E-book: Autism: is there a place for ReAttach Therapy? was published with contributions of Prof. Michael Fitzgerald, Prof. Donatella Marazziti, Prof. Vladimir Trajkovski, Dr. Soren Petter, Dr. Ashutosh Srivastava and Prof. Alexander Poletaev. Effects of ReAttach on core symptomatology of presentations of autism, ADHD, neurorehabilitation, personality problems, anxiety, depression, behavioural challenges, obsessive compulsions, corporate stress are presented.

Presenting autism as a pre-conceptual state of mind ReAttach offers individuals with ASD many opportunities: The personal growth of the individuals with ASD and participants with other neuropsychiatric conditions is a great encouragement. It sheds a new light on the resilience and power that has been waiting inside these individuals to enfold.

Can I train in ReAttach?

Yes! ReAttach training is available in a variety of countries globally and is modular. There is a basic skills training, a specialist autism training, further, specific training protocols for the specific presentations above are currently being developed. Trainings are arranged on a request-basis and can take place within organisations. Please contact the foundation directly on to obtain details of available trainers, locations and modules.


Can I attend training in the Netherlands?

Yes! If you wish to attend basic skills training in the Netherlands you can schedule your training and subscribe here. Your trainer will be Paula Weerkamp-Bartholomeus.